Client Information
Company Name Company Status
Contacts Name Contacts Type
Contacts Title
Contacts Phone
Contacts Email
Company Address
How many locations will be connecting Country Locations
Sales Rep Velosio Office
Velosio SL Client Number Partner Source Number
ERP Information
ERP Product Version
ERP Database Size Do you require a web server
Do you require web facing sites If yes, how many
Concurrent Full Users Named Full Users
Light/ Limited Users Licensing Model
Industry Compliance Do you need a test environment
ISV Solutions Reporting Solution
Transaction Volume How Many VPN will you Need
Do you need external ip address If Yes, how many?
ERP Customizations Any other Information we should Know
Environment Information
Where is your current environment If hosting, who is your current provider
If hosting, what is your termination clause If hosted, How many months before your contract ends
Is your environment currently virtualized If yes, what virtualization software
How many vpns do you currently have What is your preferred way of connecting to a remote environment
What is your current internet bandwidth Who is your current internet provider
Do you currently work with a managed service provider or external IT Company If you do, who do you work with
Office365 Information
Do you currently use Office365 If yes, what plans do you have
If yes, who is your provider If yes, what is your renewal date
Dynamics CRM Information
Do you currently use a CRM Solution If yes, what solution do you use
If yes, who is your provider If yes, what is your renewal date